Planning for a Brighter Future?

Invest in Cattle & Other Livestock through CashCow NG

“Empower a Livestock Farmer, Share in the Profits”

Planning for a Brighter Future?Invest in Cattle & Other Livestock through CashCow NG

“Empower a Livestock `Farmer, Share in the Profits”

New Opportunities

Historically, Agricultural investments like Cattle & Other Livestock have only been accessible to investors with significant capital, vast industry expertise, and direct connections to producers. CashCow NG has removed those barriers by:

Building relationships with high-performing livestock farmers we trust

Taking advantage of our Agri-Tech platform to turn small purchases into large investments

Gathering, analyzing and sharing data that unlock new insights and drive high returns

The Case for Investing in Livestock

When you invest through CashCow NG, you are buying cattle and other livestock – commodities that are non-related to the stock market. Why is this important? A diversified portfolio is the cornerstone of any risk management strategy. If an entire portfolio consists of similar assets, a singular market downturn can wipe out gains made over many years. A diversified investment portfolio with non-correlated assets such as cattle provide an excellent safety net during these stock market or economy downturns, helping you to maximize your overall returns.

How It Works

Reserve Your Spot

You sign up to become a partner with us by choosing a CashCow NG Farm Plan. We then set up your account.

Purchase Your Livestock

You fund your CashCow NG account which supports the purchase of livestock and their feeding.

Watch Them Grow

Our team of expert caregivers look after your investment and cater to the healthy rearing and growth of your investment livestock to maturation. The animals are then sold.

Receive Your Returns

You earn huge returns on your investment.

What Investors Like You Are Saying About CashCow NG

The safety of my funds was a big concern to me but when I discovered insurance cover would be provided on my investments, I became so excited and glad that I found CashCow NG. Now I know I can be a millionaire sponsoring livestock farms and earning huge returns on investment without getting my hands dirty.

Adejoke Akinbode, Lagos

These guys at CashCow NG are so nice. The customer service was superb. I received swift responses to all my enquiries. Now I am happy to be part of something great – helping to achieve food security and making agriculture attractive to the youth.

Benson Babatunde, Lagos

I found CashCow NG at a time when I was thinking of what to do with my savings. The return on investment is actually higher than what I can get from other asset classes. I will encourage anyone to partner with CashCow NG.

Adetunji Akorede, Lagos

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Retail Investor

Purchase of Cattle

One-time transfer or Monthly transfers

Relevant for New Investors looking to diversify their portfolio with a tangible asset

    Institutional Investor

    Purchase of Cattle

    One-time transfer or Monthly transfers

    Relevant for High Capacity Investors looking to diversify their holdings with a new asset class

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    CashCow NG crowd farming platform exists to create new connections between the farmers looking for investment to grow their farms and the people looking to invest in cattle and livestock business.
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