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What Is CashCow NG About?

Simply, we provide a platform to connect individuals looking to invest in livestock farming with farmers looking for investment to grow their farms.

What Are The Risks?

We have made sure to eliminate risks as we only work with farmers who have successfully bred cattle and other livestock in the past. Also, we have partnered up with the National Agricultural Insurance Commission.

How Do I Become A Partner?

How Do I Become A Partner?
You can become a CashCow NG partner by subscribing to any of our Farm Plans. Click here

What Do I Benefit?

You earn between 20 – 30% returns on investment based on plan of choice within a period

What Would Happen to the Livestock I Invested In?

Our expert caregivers will look after your investment livestock on their farms. These livestock will be thoroughly reared and cared for till maturation.

Where Are You Located?

Our farms are distributed all over the country in order to spread geographic risks. Our office is located at 3-9, Olu Koleosho Street, Off Simbiat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

How About Insurance?

We are covered by The Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Commission 

I Would Like To Visit Your Farm And See For Myself

Our farms are always accessible to partners via a wait-list. Please, do contact us to add you and inform you in due date and time as appropriate. We will be so glad to give you a tour.

How Do I Start?

You can Sign up or Register from our website by clicking here to fill the Registration Details Form and then make your preferred plan choice payment via the payment gateway as you proceed to Become a Partner.

You can also partner with us by visiting our Contact Us page to request for necessary documentations to fill up which will be sent to your email provided during registration. And if you are within Lagos and Ibadan, we can come to you to get you started right away.

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Where Is Your Head Office?

Address: 3-9, Olu Koleosho Street, Off Simbiat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria


Mobile: +234 (0) 816 416 6614, +234 (0) 809 822 2358

Customer Service: 0700 CASHCOWNG (0700 2274 26964)


CashCow NG crowd farming platform exists to create new connections between the farmers looking for investment to grow their farms and the people looking to invest in cattle and livestock business.
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